Eastern Matta Rice മട്ട അരി 10Kg (22lb)

Eastern Matta Rice മട്ട അരി 10Kg (22lb)


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Matta Rice മട്ട അരി 22lb (10Kg)

Matta rice has been one of the most preferred food grains in Kerala. Keralites love the aroma, and taste of the brownish-red rice and relish it in lunch and dinner.  Matta rice is also known in different names including Palakkadan Matta and Kerala Red Rice. 

With high fibre content and a low glycaemic index Matta is one of the healthiest Indian rice varieties. It is also high in magnesium and vitamins A and B.

Matta Vadi Rice മട്ട അരി is the best quality matta rice from India. Great quality, premium product and amazing taste. 

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